For uncorrupted Chara, see Chara (pre-corruption).

Description Edit

After the failed reaping, Chara walks among the realms (both mortal and godly) as a corrupted vessel of darkness. Wherever they go, they bring negativity and chaos, as it bleeds out of them and infects those around them. Sans, after failing to reap them the first time, has endlessly tried to find them in order to fix his mistake. However, Chara is untraceable. They're an anomaly, unable to be detected by “normal” means. Like a ghost, moving just under the radar, and only Sans truly knows of their existence. Only one being is able to track them: a golden flower, also an anomaly–a being not meant to exist. If Sans could ever hope to find Chara, then he’d have to find this Incarnation of Despair first. Not much later, Chara steals one of Sans’s scythes. They take it and reap mortals before their time, which would naturally brew chaos (killing them before they are supposed to die). Sans of course desperately tries to hunt them down in order to take it back, but he is unable to catch them. Eventually, after a mad period of Chara-induced chaos, Chara suddenly appears and drops the scythe by his feet as if it was worth nothing. Then they disappear with a child-like laugh, leaving Sans stunned and full of dread. Chara then goes and kills Toriel (the goddess of life). "And the world turned red, for a great sin had been committed that day. A great light had vanished. An anguished wail came from the heavens and the king's tears rained on the Earth, ceaselessly.. but still, despite the world turning dark-- Death hurried to the Sanctuary. Death could not accept it-- That she was gone. For the second time within just a few moments of each other, the world felt another great disturbance, a great darkness. It reeked of death. And thus the Era of Corruption began.

Appearance Edit

They now wear a black dress. They have red eyes, and can make them go black and scary. They also carry a scythe, which is red and deadly.

Personality Edit

Shown to have a generally blunt attitude towards anything and everything, they've also been shown to enjoy the pain and suffering of innocents. They've also been shown to be chaotic and mischievous, as shown when they singlehandedly destroyed the balance of the world.

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