Reapertale is an Undertale AU which centers around the main cast of characters being Gods and Goddesses. Similar to Greek Mythology in a sense, the main cast of characters represented certain elements regarding their world as a whole. Created by Ren, an already well-known artist, the universe originally stemmed from a shipping (Soriel), and eventually grew to be a well-established and popular AU with time. The masterpost link is given on the homepage and here.


As previously mentioned, the characters had domains which they ruled, with each domain being given based on the character's personality. However, the author also noted that the characters may be re-designed in the future.

  • Asgore: God of the Skies/Father Ruler
  • Toriel: Goddess of Life 
  • Asriel: God of Hope | Flowey: Incarnation of Despair
  • Gaster: God of Magic
  • Gerson: God of Wisdom
  • Alphys: Goddess of Knowledge
  • Undyne: Goddess of War
  • Sans and Papyrus: Gods of Death 
  • Frisk: Emissary of Mercy
  • Chara: Beloved Acolyte of Faith | Corrupted!Chara: Agent of Chaos and Violence and Darkness/The Anomaly/The One of Broken Faith
  • Mettaton: Human | First Golem | Crystalised Golem
  • Napstablook: Ghost, waiting for Mettaton to come home
  • Grillby: God of the Hearth
  • Muffet: Goddess of Fortune


It has been noted that Ren creates and draws these comics in a way that cannot be efficiently organized chronologically. Therefore, the timeline will be followed in the order uploaded on the website. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Prologue Arc

Chara and Asriel

The First Reaping

Death on Life Arc

Death on Life

When Death Comes Knocking

  • Shift
  • Bird Song
  • Sunny Puns
  • What is Precious
  • White Lily

Chara Steals Sans's scythe

Dawn of Corruption

The Era of Corruption Arc

Death and War

Magic and Mayhem

  • Lessons of Old

Death's Grief

Her Desperation